Available in 20, 205 & 1,000 litre.

Power Premium HVI Hydraulic Fluid Is blended from high quality hydrocracked base oil to give maximum performance in all hydraulic systems.

The High Viscosity Index enables the hydraulic fluid to maintain its specified viscosity at high operating temperature.

Hydro-cracked base oil greatly improves air release due to the wax removal and molecule restructure that occurs in the hydro-cracking process.

The high quality additive chemistry provides protection under the most severe applications found in mobile or fixed plant operations.

Air and Moisture

The hydro-cracked base oil used in the formulation of Power Premium HVI Hydraulic Fluid offers significant benefits in the area of "air and moisture release". Entrained air and moisture in hydraulic fluid can cause the following concerns:

Sluggish or inaccurate operation ("spongy" feel)

  • Entrained air or water will form compressible gaseous bubbles when the system pressure cycles rapidly.

Local and general overheating of the hydraulic system

  • Air bubbles do not transfer heat as effectively as oil.

Cavitation erosion

  • Air bubbles congregating around areas such as thrust plates and piston sliders. These bubbles collapse instantaneously with pressure cycles, imploding and pitting the metal surfaces.

Scouring and spot heat scuffing of the internal components.

  • Vane & rotors in vane type hydraulic pumps.

Oxidation and thickening of hydraulic fluid

  • Sluggish hydraulic system and premature system oil change.

Power Premium HVI Hydraulic Fluid maintains rapid air and moisture release, minimising the harmful effects described above.

Power Premium HVI Hydraulic Fluid ISO 46

Power Premium HVI Hydraulic Fluid ISO 68