Available in TO430 & TO450 - 205 litre.

For use in Powershift Transmissions, Drive Trains and Hydraulic Systems

Powershift Transmission Fluid is formulated using Hydro-Cracked base oil and specially selected additive chemistry to meet the stringent performance requirements of powershift transmissions, final drives, and wet-disc brakes typically found in equipment manufactured by Caterpillar, Komatsu, Allison, Eaton and ZF.

Powershift Transmission Fluid meets the requirements of the Caterpillar TO-4 and Allison C-4 specifications.

Powershift Transmission Fluid is our prime recommendation for road ranger transmissions. Not recommended for road ranger transmissions fitted with coolers as synthetic fluids are preferred.

The Hydro-Cracked base oil used in Powershift Transmission Fluid provides extremely good oxidation resistance, thermal & shear stability, cleanliness and seal compatibility. Through combining Hydro-Cracked base oil with carefully selected additive chemistry Powershift Transmission Fluid offers the opportunity to rationalise your oils and realise operational efficiencies through controlled condition monitoring. Oil drain intervals can be optimised to improve operational efficiency without compromising reliability.

Powershift Transmission Fluid TO4-50 is our prime recommendation for final drives and slew gear boxes on all Excavators.

Powershift Transmission Fluid TO4-60 is to be used in final drives only, not transmissions.

TO-4 specified oil must be used in tractor powershift transmissions, due to clutch plate material changes from sintered bronze to cellulose wear surface. Using engine oil in this application can halve transmission clutch plate life.